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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic mystery-crime double novels. The first novel is “The Lustful Ape” by well-known mystery writer, Bruno Fisher. “Would you like to have her, Ape?” Ape Jones laughed. “Then take her upstairs.”  The man’s voice was incredibly casual.  Ape Jones lifted the woman off her feet. White and limp, she lay across his powerful arms.  Her eyes were open but they had an empty look to them, as though part of her had already died.  Ape Jones carried her to the door and then set her on her feet again.  His hands reached for her and the sound of her ripping clothes mingled with the sound of her screams… This is Bruno Fisher’s classic tale of mystery, suspense, and horror, “The Lustful Ape.”  Surely one of the best hardboiled thrillers of the 1950s.  This double novel’s second tale is a terrific murder thriller, “Kiss the Babe Goodbye” by another well-known mystery writer, Bob McKnight.  Jim Case was just an average joe trying to make a living as a pilot. He didn’t make much money, but flying his pontoon plane back and forth across the Everglades was his idea of heaven.  Then on a breezy, sunshine-filled Florida day, a gorgeous dancer named Jane Bradley waltzed into his life with a cry for help—her husband, a former flying pal of Case’s, had turned up missing…and she desperately needed his help in finding him.   Case had better things to do, but there was a code of honor within the brotherhood of pilots, and he knew that finding his friend—dead or alive—was a mission he couldn’t walk away from.  But what Jim case didn’t know was that his former pal had been knee-deep into the world of organized crime. And soon Case’s average joe life was thrust into a crazy mixed up trail of deceit, dirty dealings—and murder! 

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