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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic mystery-crime double novels. The first novel is “Wild Oats” by veteran crime writer Harry Whittington. This is the nail-biting story of the complete corruption of an innocent young woman.  Amy Gentry was her name—but she might have been anyone’s sister, daughter, or average high school kid you meet on the street.  Amy’s friends were thought to be “nice kids,” but what wasn’t known was that they had banded together in a unique club—a club where teenagers were initiated into a life of nakedness, drink, dope, and crime.  At first Amy was horrified at the various activities her friends did “for kicks.”  Then she, too, was caught up in the mad whirl of juvenile crime and waywardness.  And soon the dark pit of moral and social disgrace yawned wide for her.  Yesterday she had been sweet and fresh—and most of all, innocent.  Today, she was forever tarnished...This taut thriller is one of the most elusive works of crime-fiction specialist, Harry Whittington, not seen in print since 1954. This double novel’s second tale is a terrific murder thriller, “Make Way For Murder” by another well-known mystery writer, A. A. Marcus. She had the kind of oriental beauty no man could resist, even an icy-veined private detective like Peter Hunter.  The trouble was, Juanita Toy gave Pete more than just her warm, tempting, exotic flesh.  Her gifts included money—and a murder rap! Maybe Pete should have stuck to less dangerous women—like gorgeous Pat Laine, so big and so willing, so blonde all over.  That way he would only have had to lick the gangster Moretti, the copper Hogan, the killer old Phineas and his hatchet man, Ramon…But Pete’s stake in the game was for bigger than murder.  He was playing for love and glory—and he was also playing for keeps!

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