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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic mystery-crime double novels. The first novel is “Everybody’s Watching Me” by well-known murder, mystery, and suspense writer Mickey Spillane.  In a city full of gangsters and crooked cops, Joe Boyle just wanted to live as much of a normal life as possible. But one day his life was turned upside down when he was paid to deliver a message to a well-known thug—a thug with a reputation for dope smuggling and murder!  Before long Joe found himself battered and bruised and caught up in the middle of a drug war between different mobsters, all of whom were searching for an elusive, unknown arch nemesis known simply as “the invisible man.”  Only a passionate dame, an aging old man, and a no-nonsense cop stood between Joe Boyle and the mark on his life. One thing was certain, the mob believed Joe had info they needed—and they would stop at nothing to get it from him.  So Joe Boyle had to play the dangerous game of always having to be one quick step ahead of the mob.  The second novel is a true classic of nail-biting suspense, "A Bullet for Cinderella" by another well-known mystery writer, John D, MacDonald. They lay on their sides, facing each other.  In the half-light of the cave, he could see the sheen of her eyes, the slow curve of her waist.  “So we wait,” she said.  “And we'll have to be very careful,” he answered.  “He likes the night.  He even likes us right now, waiting for us to come out, to give him the pleasure of killing us.  Killing…that's really his only pleasure.”  She rolled onto her back.  Her voice was soft.  “We're going to make it,” she said.  “We've got the money, and we'll get the car and then there's Buenos Aires, Paris and…”  They were quiet for a while until suddenly he heard her breath begin to quicken.  She turned toward him and he pulled her close.  There was time…

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