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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic mystery-crime double novels. The first novel is “Love Me and Die!” by veteran mystery writer Day Keene. Out of the darkness came the slow, sure hand of death, groping for one Johnny Slagle. Slagle just wanted to be a simple PI to the stars, but a Hollywood ladies’ man named Steve Millet would not make that an easy task for him.  Hired by the studio to keep Millet out of trouble, Slagle found his megastar bad boy so infuriating that it took unparalleled restraint not to sucker-punch him with everything he had.  But when a young woman’s dead body turned up in a storm drain, things went from bad to worse, leaving Slagle wishing he was back on the force again. Being thrown into a murderous game of twists and turns was not in the cards, but Johnny Slagle would stop at nothing to find the truth in a dangerous maze of deceitful and cunning individuals.  However, Slagle’s stake in the game was bigger than just solving a murder. He was playing for satisfaction against the man he hated more than his own livelihood. This double novel’s second tale is a terrific murder thriller, “You’ll Get Yours” by another well-known mystery writer, Thomas Wills. Just a simple private detective doing business out of his little office, Barney Glines was admired by many Law Enforcement departments.  He would have never imagined that helping one Kyle Shannon meant receiving a sinister call from a stranger saying:  “Don’t be a wise guy…you might get killed.” Even after he knew he was a marked man, he couldn’t be sure who would have the gun, the knife, or the needle—meant for him.  Would it be the drug-using stripper, or the ruthless mobster, or the beautiful gal with the sultry green eyes?  Then when a beautiful dame ended up dead on the floor, Barney Glines found himself in the uncomfortable position of being the prime suspect!  Thomas Wills spins an unforgettable novel of life and blackmail and death.  An electrifying suspense tour de force that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

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