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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic mystery-crime double novels. The first novel is “Kiss and Kill” by veteran mystery writer Richard Deming.  Sam Carter had the kind of suave charisma no woman could resist, especially a dame like Mavis Strain. He taught her how to dress, to walk, to laugh.  He turned her into the kind of woman who makes every man reach into his pocket for hundred-dollar bills.  Looking at her, Sam was proud of himself.  He had done a good job on her. Yeah, it was too bad she had to go…the same way as the others.  Falling in love with his latest score would subsequently be the biggest mistake of his life—or possibly his demise. Richard Deming’s “Kiss and Kill” features an ultimate game of cat and mouse.  Filled with greed, deceit, suspense, and murder, it rushes toward a nail-biting climax that will blow your socks off.  It is a must read for any hardboiled mystery fan. The second novel is a classic of nail-biting suspense, “The Dead Stand-In” by another well-known mystery writer, Frank Kane.  Larry Hollister was a paid killer.  His latest target had been one of the tougher tough guys around town, Tommy Lorenzo—shot dead in a supposed stick-up attempt.  But when somebody put the finger on him, Hollister wound up getting into a brief but explosive gun battle with a couple of veteran cops.  One of the cops had taken a fatal bullet in the battle before Hollister was gunned down.  Another killer dead—no questions asked.  However, months later, a smooth private eye named Johnny Liddell got a mysterious phone call.  A sultry female voice on the other end told Liddell in no uncertain terms that Larry Hollister had really been murdered.  There was no doubt of this.  Yet how was it possible when it was a clear case of self-defense on the part of the cop who had shot him down.  But somehow things didn’t quite add up, and before long Johnny Liddell found himself staring face-to-face with a murder charge.

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