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THE PUEBLO TERROR (1931, from 35mm) Buffalo Bill, Jr., Jack Harvey, Wanda Hawley, Yak Canutt.  Bill comes home from the war to find his hometown beset with problems.  A greedy rancher is buying up all the land in the area.  A cowboy is then slain and Bill gets blamed.  Someone wants him out of the way.    

THE TEXAN (1932, West Coast) Buffalo Bill Jr., Lucile Brown, Boddy Nelson, Lafe McKee, Art Mix.  In this poverty row quickie, Bill plays a cowboy on the lam who falls in with a bunch of crooked and their illega horse racing scheme.  From 16mm. 

RIDING SPEED (1934, Superior) Buffalo Bill Jr., Joile Benet, Bud Osborne, Lafe McKee, Denver Dixon.  Another $1500 Victor Adamson masterpiece.  Bill plays a tough cowboy who heads south toward Mexico.  It seems a gang of smugglers is working a certain area near the border.  Rock bottom, yet fun.  16mm.   

LIGHTNING BILL (1934, Superior) Buffalo Bill, Jr., Alma Rayford, Nelson McDowell.  So cheap and shoddy that they actually misspelled the opening title card.  Instead of "Lightning Bill," it's "Lighting Bill."  Speaking of lighting, the film’s night sequence goes jarringly back and forth from dark to bright.  It's comical.  The story concerns a cowhand who helps his boss battle a gang of bandits.  Watch your eardrums because the original soundtrack's audio levels are violently inconsistent.  An amazing display of movie ineptitude--yet lovable.  16mm. 

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