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BREED OF THE WEST (1930, Big 4) Wally Wales, Virginia Browne Faire, Buzz Barton, Robert Walker, Lafe McKee.  Wally plays a ranch hand who falls in the love with the boss’ daughter.  His rival for her affections is the ranch foreman.  Things get sticky when the foreman tries to rob the boss.  16mm. 

SUNDOWN TRAIL (1934, Imperial)  Wally Wales, Fay McKenzie, Jim Sheridan.  Wally discovers, too his horror, sheep on his grazing land.  When he rides out to confront the herd-owner, he finds a gorgeous blond bombshell!  16mm.  

WEST OF THE LAW (1934, Imperial, From 35mm) Wally Wales, Merla Bratton, Franklyn Farnum.  City gangsters run out of gas in the desert.  Wally tows them back to the ranch for a fill-up.  Unfortunately, the crooks decide his ranch is perfect for a hideout.  This Wales 3-reeler is pretty good.  Stunning desert photography.   

THE DESERT MAN (1934, Imperial) Wally Wales, Dorothy Gritten, Yakima Canutt. Another Pizor 2-reeler.  In this one, Wally comes to the aid of a lady who is being threatened by Yak and his thugs.  16mm.   

PALS OF THE WEST (1934, Imperial) Wally Wales, Peggy Djarling, Yakima Canutt.  In this 2-reeler, Wally searches the wilds for the hideout of an outlaw gang.  All deputies before him were never seen again.  Yak, as usual, plays a great thug.  From 16mm. 

WAY OF THE WEST (1935, Superior) Wally Wales, Little Bobbie Nelson, Myrla Bratton, Fred Parker, Jim Sheridan.  A notorious gunman is hired to run a family off their government-leased grazing land.  Wally confronts the outlaw and outdraws him.  Trouble, though, is just beginning to brew.  From 16mm. 

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