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BORDER ROMANCE (1930, Tiffany) Don Terry, Armida, Victor Potel.  Terry has a herd of horses stolen.  Later, he becomes a fugitive after shooting a thug in a bar brawl.  Then he meets up with a Spanish beauty (played by the vibrantly cute Armida) and carries on a whirlwind romance as he ducks the federalis and rounds up the rustlers at the same time.  There are some snappy songs.  Watch for the spunky dance number in a rowdy saloon.  Terry and Armida make a charming western couple.  There’s even footage of a brutal horse fight.  Recommended.  From 16mm.   

OUTLAW EXPRESS (1938, Universal) Bob Baker, Cecilia Callejo, Don Barclay.  A Cavalry officer is sent to investigate why a number of pony express riders have been murdered, yet not robbed.  The officer stumbles on a property swindling scheme aimed against Hispanic land owners.  A big shootout is featured in film's finale.  From 16mm.  

TRIGGER PALS (1939, Grand National) Art Jarrett, Lee Powell, Al St. John, Dorothy Fay, Ted Adams.  Art is a foreman who inherits half a cattle ranch.  The other half goes to dead owner’s daughter, who wants to turn it into a dude ranch!  A gang of rustlers is also afoot messing things up for everybody.  16mm.  

LAW OF THE LASH (1947, Pathe) Lash LaRue, Al St. John, Mary Scott, Charlie King.  Lash’s first series western.  He and his whip come to town to rid the community of a murderous gang of cut-throats.  A likable film that offers some psychological twists not normally found in B westerns.  From 16mm. 

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