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TOLL OF THE DESERT (1935, Commodore) Fred Kohler Jr., Roger Williams, Betty Mack.  This is certainly the finest portrayal veteran baddie Williams ever gave.  When Indians kill his family, Roger goes bad and becomes a hated outlaw.  Unknown to him, his son has survived the attack and grown up to be a lawman!  Destiny brings the boy face to face with his dad, who learns too late that the man arresting him is his lost son.  He carries the secret to the gallows.  Wow.  HIGHLY Recommended.  16mm.  

RAWHIDE TERROR (1934, Security) Art Mix, Ed Cobb, Bill Desmond.  Two boys watch as bandits shoot their folks.  The older boy’s mind snaps, and he wanders off into the desert, laughing hysterically. Years later, a wild-eyed lunatic is on the prowl, savagely killing a number of outlaws.  The killer, who wears a jagged strip of rawhide over his face and laughs maniacally wherever he goes, is one of the most bizarre madmen in B western history.  Now in the Forgotten Horrors book.  From 16mm.  

THE PECOS KID (1935, Ajax) Fred Kohler, Jr., Ruth Findlay, Roger Williams.  A land grabber orders his hoods to steal the deed to the famous Pecos Rancho mine, once owned by the King of Spain.  The owners are killed, but their son escapes.  Years later, the son—now known as the Pecos Kid—returns -with pearl-handled pistols in hand.  He then sets out to reclaim his heritage.  From 16mm.  

THE PHANTOM OF SANTA FE (1936, Burroughs) Norman Kerry, Nena Quartaro.  A mission in Santa Fe is sacked by renegades.  Priceless treasures are stolen.  Citizens are quick to place the blame on a bandit called "Phantom of Santa Fe."  Danger and intrigue follow in this fun Zorro-style film.  Color, 16mm. 

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