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RIDERS OF DESTINY (1933, Lone Star, From 35mm) John Wayne, Cecilia Parker, Gabby Hayes, Forest Taylor, Yakima Canutt.  Wayne’s first Lone Star.  “Singin' Sandy” is sent in to investigate water-stealing claims against Taylor and Canutt.  There’s a terrific fight scene between the three of them.  Is that really the Duke singing?  Most historians say no.  Directed with gusto by Bob Bradbury.  

SAGEBRUSH TRAIL (1933, Lone Star, From 35mm) John Wayne, Nancy Schubert, Yakima Canutt, Lane Chandler.  The Duke’s accused of murder and jailed!  Later, he escapes and joins a band of cut-throats in hopes of finding the real killer.  Yak has some terrific stunts.  Wayne’s Lone Stars are so much better when seen from 35mm prints, which this video master is taken from.   

MAN FROM UTAH  (1934, Lone Star, From 35mm) John Wayne, Polly Ann Young, Gabby Hayes.  The Duke turns down a job as sheriff and heads off to compete in a rodeo.  He wins a horse race in spite of a poison dart placed in his saddle by an unknown assailant.  The Duke then goes after the bad guys. 

PARADISE CANYON (1935, Lone Star, From 35mm) John Wayne, Marion Burns, Earl Hodgins, Yak Canutt.  A rough, tough federal agent is on the trail of a gang of counterfeiters who are working the Mexican border.  He eventually tracks them to their secret cave-hideout where violence breaks out.  

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