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DAWN ON THE GREAT DIVIDE (1942, Monogram) Buck Jones, Mona Barrie, Raymond Hatton, Betty Blythe, Robert Lowery, Rex Bell, Harry Woods, Roy Barcroft, Maude Eburne, Betty Blythe, Robert Frazer, Tris Coffin.  Buck, in his last film before he died, leads a wagon train of railroad supplies through wild country.  An outlaw and his thugs do everything they can to stop the wagon train, including dressing up like Indians during their attacks.  Nice to see Rex Bell in a supporting role.  In fact, this film sports a helluva cast for a B-Monogram quickie.  From 16mm.  

GHOST TOWN LAW (1942, Monogram) Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, Raymond Hatton.  The setting is a ghost town in the high desert.  Buck and Tim tangle with several thugs who have discovered a rich vein of gold in an old mine and are out to bump off the mine’s owner!  A solid Rough Riders film.  16mm.   

BELOW THE BORDER (1942, Monogram) Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, Raymond Hatton, Linda Brent, Dennis Moore, Charlie King.  Legendary jewels have been stolen from a pretty (yet feisty) senorita during a stage holdup.  The Rough Riders track the gang to a secret cave-hideout.  One terrific scene has Buck and Charlie in a six-gun showdown as they walk toward each other on opposite sides of a border fence.  This may be the best of the Rough Riders’ series.  16mm. 

RIDERS OF THE WEST (1942, Monogram) Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, Ray Hatton, Christine McIntyre, Harry Woods.  Junk those old video copies taken from milky 16mm dupe prints because our master comes from a nice 16mm original print.  In what is considered one of the best of the Rough Riders series, Buck, Tim, and Ray help a woman rancher fight against a trio of nasty cutthroats.  16mm. 

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