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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic mystery-crime double novels.  The first novel is “The Naked Storm” by well-known science fiction and suspense writer C. M. Kornbluth.  Cold and steel ignite into an inferno love, betrayal—and death.  A front man for a tinhorn gambling syndicate…a woman whose body had never been touched…a dissatisfied husband…a lesbian—and all of them strangers.  Then the snow came, thick as mud, cold, cruel snow, and the swift streamliner could not break through the icy wall. Strangers they were, one minute before, but now—while the storm howled outside and passions raged within—they were lovers, killers, savage beasts.  A train stands still in the cold wasteland of America, and for these four people, time stands still, civilization fades, and the call of flesh is heard in the darkened corridors… The second novel is a true classic of nail-biting suspense, “The Man Outside” by Alexander Blade.  It was a crushing, mind-numbing letter that Sergeant John Tomczik received one day as he was knee deep in a WWII foxhole.  His wife Margaret had thrown him the ultimate curveball—it was over, she said; don’t come looking for her.  To add to his despair, when Tomczik returned home he found that his wife’s last known address was on Railroad Street—the shadiest part of town, where the scum of the earth lived and stole for the pure joy of it.  Even worse, the address was that of a seedy bordello, filled with worst kind of women and men, out to satisfy their lust for flesh and love of money.  Then the ultimate—Tomczik was told his wife was dead from an apparent suicide…  In the deepest part of his soul, though, John Tomszik knew Margaret could never have taken her own life.  And when the facts all started falling into place, there was only one explanation that made sense—she was murdered.  His problem—to find out how, who, and why…


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