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Armchair Fiction DOVE, THE, & THE GLASS LADDER

Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic mystery-crime double novels.  The first novel is “The Dove” by veteran mystery writer Milton K. Ozaki.  Lana Markel was shockingly beautiful, clever, and rich.  But she was in trouble, a sinister kind of trouble, and even though Carl Good was employed by her husband to watch her, he found himself completely seduced into working for her, too.  At first it was an ordinary case of infidelity and divorce.  Then, before he was aware of it, he was involved in the sly workings of one of Chicago’s great vice rackets.  Before long he was mixed up in a double murder in which he became hopelessly entangled and convicted in the minds of the police.  The only way he could extricate himself was to find out who this beautiful siren was and what strange game she was playing.  But Lana was clever as well as beautiful…  Here is a nail-biting mystery about a sinister vice corner of America—the finishing school for “call girls”, where young “talent” is recruited, tutored, coached, sent to modeling classes, and then sent out to hook the big trade.  By the author of “The Scented Flesh.”  The second novel is a true classic of nail-biting suspense, “The Glass Ladder” by well-known sci-fi and mystery writer, Paul W. Fairman.  Rick Mason, a private eye with the lucrative Global Indemnity account, had a hunch that all hell would start popping when heist-artist Mike Duryea was released from the penitentiary after serving five years for the Rajah Emerald haul.  Global had shelled out $75,000, the rock had never turned up, and now sundry trigger-happy characters were all itching for the fateful day.  Though long missing, the giant emerald was now reaping a harvest of murder—starting with the mean death of a furtive, lonely stranger in a skid row rooming house.  A corpse with no identity—except a bundle of clippings on the Rajah Emerald case.  Rick took it from there.  But the Rajah Emerald was an evil green eye, with death in its wake, and Rick had to witness two more sudden deaths before the coveted jewel came to light—in the cunning cache of a secretive and seemingly naive person who had lived in its power for five long years!

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