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Armchair Fiction


Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  “Dark Destiny” by veteran sci-fi writer Dwight V. Swain is the first novel.  Could he resist the power behind the veil?  He was known throughout the system as Sha Haral, a fierce space warrior with an unrelenting lust for power. He’d blasted his way back and forth across the spaceways many times.  However, Haral’s fortunes had taken a turn for the worse, and he soon became a downtrodden, bitter would-be conqueror haunting the dives on a backwater planet called Ulna.  But his fate took an unexpected turn when a beautiful blonde-haired priestess, fleeing from a space pirate’s hordes, fell into his lap.  From this priestess Haral learned of an ancient woman-goddess who, according to legend, lay sleeping in a lost city surrounded by a legion of terrifying monsters.  This ancient goddess, whose face was half-hidden by a jeweled veil, was known as a woman of ultimate beauty, possessing the secrets of great power.  And she still lay there, in her crumbling city, waiting for someone to awaken her… The second novel, “The Secret of Planetoid 88,” is by Golden Age of Sci-Fi author, Ed Earl Repp.  Capturing Earth was the only way.  Dane Cabot was just one of many slaves of the dictators—“The Hundred” as they were known—who ruled Earth with an iron hand.  After a joy ride to a distant planetoid, Cabot returned to Earth to find himself falsely accused of murder.  There was no trial—The Hundred didn’t operate that way.  He was soon sentenced to die.  But when a mysterious stranger interceded, Dane Cabot found himself a stowaway on a space cruiser headed for Io, moon of Jupiter.  There Cabot found a tiny colony of rebels with a master plan for the eventual freedom of Earth’s enslaved populace.  But radiation from Jupiter’s Great Red Spot was slowly destroying Io.  So Cabot and his fellow rebels found themselves in a desperate race against time.  Could they orchestrate their plans before the rising tide of planet-wide disintegration overtook them?  Deep in the realms of space was a secret, a secret that was the key to freedom—if they could find it in time…

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