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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  The first novel is a very good one, “The Last Days of Thronas” by the very underrated veteran science fiction writer, S. J. Byrne.  After five years of slavery, Garthanas, the “Hamarian Sword,” returned to find that he had been deserted by his sweetheart and betrayed by his best friend.  So he lived for revenge only, and to that end he dared to cross the star-sea in the mysterious god-ship, relic of the forgotten past, and protector of the tyrant Thamas I, ruler of Thronas and oppressor of Hamar.  There he found his destiny in this rollicking science fiction swashbuckler.  The second novel is “The Goddess of World 21” by well-known sci-fi and horror author, Henry Slesar.  It was true love—a hundred feet hight!  Victoria Bray was a wonderful young woman, liked by everyone—both family and friends.  Sadly, Victoria was also the victim of an accident that had left her with several physical deformities.  However, a well-meaning scientist soon discovered and administered a cure.  Unfortunately, this cure had a BIG unintended side effect—Victoria kept growing, bigger and bigger, until at last her great size made it necessary to relocate her to a different world where she could exist unhampered from the prying eyes of humanity.  However, when a slick news reporter got wind of her situation he knew he’d come across the scoop of the century.  So Stu Champion soon set off for Victoria’s private world—to find her, to meet her, to discover the events that had led to her perplexing physical height.  Only when he did finally meet this beautiful giant goddess, it changed not only her life, but his life, too…

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