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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  The first novel is written by one of the best science fiction writers of all time, Edmond Hamilton’s “The Tattooed Man.”  There was a legend once.  A Legend that said somewhere in the depths of space was a planet of wealth and power beyond imagination.  It was also a planet of danger and mystery.  The name of this planet was Heartworld.  It was the planet where mankind had sprung from, the planet from which the original colonists of Earth had had left in search of a new star system—a new home.  But now, eons later, no one on Earth believed this pretty fable.  The Heartworld was a pleasant fairy tale meant for children and the nostalgic at heart.  But then one dark evening a drunken spaceman named Joe Chattan, stumbled into the life of a stranger covered with mysterious tattoos.  This stranger proved to be the gateway to discovering the truth behind the myth—the myth of a forgotten planet laden with so much power that no one man could be trusted with its control.  Join science fiction icon Edmond Hamilton as he takes you on a mad race across the star ways to a deadly planet where the legend is reborn…The second novel is Gawain Edwards’ “A Rescue from Jupiter.”  Was the human race doomed to extinction?  When an expedition from Jupiter lands on Tellus, they find the planet entirely without water and no apparent life. However, Allus Marce, a member of the team, finds the remains of a vast city. Towering above it all is a strange statue of a man clutching a cylinder. Scientifically curious, Marce takes the cylinder and is surprised to find a strange message sealed within… Meanwhile, beneath the statue lays a great cavern with a large underground lake. There, an old man has survived with his daughter and son, the last remnants of the human race on Tellus. Their only hope of survival is for someone to find their plea for help, which is now in the hands of Allus Marce on the surface far above.  That message is not only a plea for their survival, but for the survival of mankind itself…


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