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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  All time great science fiction author Poul Anderson wrote the first novel, “The Virgin of Valkarion.”  The prophesy spelled blood on two moons!  Alfric of Aslak was a fierce warrior with many battles to his credit.  When he had ridden into the crumbling city of Valkarion, it was merely to find an employer who would pay him well for his particular skills.  But tonight Temple Prophecy foretold of a sword-scarred Outlander who would come riding in from the far North; also of an Empress who would play the part of a tavern bawd.  But most significantly, it foretold the death of the Emperor and the bloody fall of the Thirty-ninth Dynasty under the mating of the two moons that circled high above!  So for Alfric of Aslak, it meant playing the unwanted, but pivotal role of a would-be heathen king, whose actions could either save an entire race from subjugation, or hasten the final demise of a withering planet.  Join master science fiction storyteller Poul Anderson as he spins a barbarian-worlds novel of the first magnitude. The second novel veteran sci-fi author Kris Neville’s “Earth Alert.”  It was unlike any other alien threat.  It was an alien invasion all right, but what made it particularly nasty was that these tentacled aliens were baby-snatchers with a mad plan to destroy all of humanity.  They “changed” their human captives, training them in a secret space station. It was an indoctrination that called for them to think like their alien captors; a training that called for their eventual return to Earth to wipe out the rest of humanity; a grisly task that would culminate with their own eventual deaths.  But there was one “changed” Earth girl whom the aliens had accidentally left on Earth.  And when she discovered the extent of her mutated powers, it soon became clear that she posed a genuine threat to the plans of alien conquest—if she could only keep her womanhood from getting in the way!


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