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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction and horror double novels with original illustrations.  The first novel is “The Face Beyond the Veil” by the great science fiction writer, Rog Phillips.  A Mysterious woman’s mind was a terrible thing to waste.  Her name was Bea-Anna and she was imprisoned in a drifting spaceship somewhere in the depths of outer space.  For how long she had wandered across the void she had no idea, for her body, completely immobile, had been preserved in a strange chemical liquid bath.  But her mind was active—so active in fact that she was able send her thoughts through the vastness of space into the minds of men.  One of these men was Zaney Smith, a crusty outer space prospector who’d been out in the void for over forty years.  When Bea-Anna’s voice came to him it was soft and seductive, touching his mind with a cry for help.  But was her emotional plea legitimate, or some horrible trap?  Who would have thought that this soft voice would soon bring together Zaney and four others for a fantastic adventure of telepathy and danger, all to secure the freedom of a beautiful mystery woman somewhere in the great unknown… The second novel is a gripping journey into the world of supernatural horror, Paul W. Fairman’s “Rest in Agony.”  Trapped in the meshes of evil.  When Ambrose Whiting died, everyone in the family considered him the next-best thing to a saint, including his college-grad nephew, Hal Brent.  But only days after his uncle’s death, Hal was shaken to his core when his phone rang and the voice on the other end of the line said…"Hello, Hal. This is your uncle Ambrose. Help Me!" Moments later Hal’s horror turned to outrage with the discovery of a stranger in his home, a man requesting a book—supposedly written by his uncle—entitled "The Book of Ambrose."  It was a book supposedly filled with dark, sinister writings.  Before long, it became apparent that Hal’s laudible old Uncle Ambrose had been, in fact, a victim of Satanism.  Soon after Hal Brent found his life turned upside down by the forces of darkness, for in his future were the perils of the “House by the Devil's Bend.”  And if he survived those, Hal would still have to face the combined forces of a Satanic cult and the awesome power of the Prince of Darkness himself.

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