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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  Our first novel is a unique classic by one of the true masters of 20th Century science fiction and beyond, Robert Silverberg’s “Regan’s Planet.”  Regan was the man for the job!  As the 20th Century wound down, the United States wasn’t quite the world power it had once been.  But a World’s Fair celebrating the 500th anniversary of America’s discovery by Christopher Columbus might be just the thing to help the country return to its former lofty state of prestige.  Such a venture, though, would be a costly, enormous challenge; so President Hammond dropped the whole project into the lap of the shrewdest, most powerful businessman on the planet—Claude Regan, better known as “Factor Regan,” head of Global Factors, Inc.  But undertaking such a colossal endeavor soon put Regan and Global nearly two billion dollars in the hole.  With his company’s future on the line, Regan realized that the Fair would need something completely new, something radically different—so he decided to produce a World’s Fair that was…quite literally…out of this world!   The second novel is another unique, engaging sci-fi classic, “Someone to Watch Over Me” by H. L. Gold and Floyd C. Gold.  In hyperspace lay the answer to his dreams.  Len Mattern had murdered his stepfather when he was sixteen years old—crushing the man’s skull and leaving his body in a pool of blood.  That horrid act had sent Len into an endless flight from planet to planet, looking for a sense of purpose in the dull chaos of his purposeless youth.  Then on a distant pleasure planet he met Lyddy.  Lyddy soon became the woman of his dreams—his one driving obsession.  But Lyddy was also a whore, and no woman so beautiful and so desired by countless men could ever be swayed to funnel her emotions and body exclusively to a resourceless space scavenger like Len Mattern.  So Mattern set out on a quest through space, from one world to another, seeking the financial means to secure her heart forever.  But in the awfulness of hyperspace, where everything was the nightmare opposite of itself, Len Mattern soon found a new voice in his life, and with it came the answer to his dreams…

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