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WITHOUT HONOR (1932, Artclass) Harry Carey, Mae Busch, George Hayes.  Harry is a clever card shark.  However, when his kid brother, a deputy, is shot down by smugglers, Harry joins the Rangers and tracks down the killers.  An easy-to-like B western.  16mm.

THE NIGHT RIDER (1932, Artclass) Harry Carey, Elinor Fair, George Hayes.  Harry is after the black-caped Night Rider, who’s been terrorizing the region.  His sleuthing brings him to a creepy house filled with trap doors and secret panels.  There’s also a hidden cave with a sliding stone door.  A creepy western in the Forgotten Horrors vein.  16mm.  

WAGON TRAIL (1935, Ajax) Harry Carey, Jr., Gertrude Messinger, Edward Norris, Roger Williams.  Harry's the sheriff.  His son hangs out with a gang of robbers to whom he owes gambling debts.  The gang robs a stage and a deputy is killed.  Harry's son is captured and sentenced to be hanged!  16mm. 

ACES WILD (1935, Ajax) Harry Carey, Gertrude Messinger, Roger Williams.  Harry’s an ex-shefiff who rides into Durango, only to find himself involved in a battle of wits with a local bad man.  An exciting climax has Harry and the bad guy struggling on a swinging bridge, far above a roaring river.  16mm.  

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