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NEAR THE RAINBOW’S END (1930, Tiffany) Bob Steele, Louise Lorraine, Al Ferguson, Lafe McKee.  Bob finds himself in the middle of trouble between cattlemen and sheepherders.  Behind it is a ruthless gang of rustlers.  Some terrific fight scenes.  Steele's first sound western.  From a great 16mm print. 

MAN FROM HELL’S EDGES (1932) Bob Steele, Nancy Drexel, Julian Rivero.  Bob busts out of prison and goes looking for a criminal mastermind and over $100,000 in loot.  When he gets into town, he saves the sheriff from being shot.  As a reward, the sheriff makes Bob a deputy!  A number of neat plot twists follow in this good early Steele opus.  Watch the 90-foot dive by Bob from the top of a damn!  16mm.  

HIDDEN VALLEY (1932, Monogram) Bob Steele, Gertrude Messinger, Francis McDonald.  Bob and an old professor search for “Hidden Valley,” home of an ancient treasure and a lost tribe of skull-worshipping Indians.  However, the professor is murdered and his map stolen.  Bob’s arrested and convicted of the slaying.  He makes a daring courtroom escape though, and tracks the killers--who have the map--right into Hidden Valley.  The climax features--believe it or not--the Goodyear blimp! Which is prominently featured. A must-see.  From 16mm.

BREED OF THE BORDER (1933, Monogram) Bob Steele, Marion Byron, Gabby Hayes.  An escaped killer hires a racer to drive him to Mexico.  After they cross the border, the killer double-crosses him.  Gabby teams up with Bob to hunt the villian down.  Recommended.  16mm. 

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