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WHEN A MAN RIDES ALONE (1933, Monarch) Tom Tyler, Al Bridge, Adele Lacy, Bob Burns.  Tom made a couple of westerns for Monarch and this is clearly the better of the two.  Tom plays the Llano Kid, who holds up stages but only takes money belonging to the Cottonwood Mine.  He then gives the loot to folks who were cheated by the mine’s owner.  Soon the local sheriff puts up Tom’s wanted posters and comes gunning for him!  Kind of a Robin-Hoodesque Tyler vehicle.  From a nice 16mm original print. 

THE SILVER BULLET (1934, Reliable) Tom Tyler, Jayne Regan, Charlie King.  Tom is hired as sheriff for a small town besieged by outlaws.  He nabs the most notorious outlaw in the area (there’s a thousand dollar reward).  However, Tom is discredited and the bandit is set free.  Tom goes after the mastermind who’s responsible.  Charlie is his usual lovable, despicable self.  From 16mm.   

THE LARAMIE KID (1935, Reliable) Tom Tyler, Alberta Vaughn, George Chesebro, Al Ferguson, Murdock McQuarrie, Snub Pollard.  A rancher’s daughter is being forced to marry a crooked banker because of a debt owed to him.  Tom, an outlaw, turns himself in so the rancher can collect the reward money and pay off the debt.  Good Tyler vehicle.  16mm.  

SANTA FE BOUND (1936) Tom Tyler, Jeanne Martell, Dick Kramer, Charlie King.  When Tom is mistaken for a killer, he is pulled out of jail by a lynch mob in a mood for a hanging!  However, he is saved from the mob by outlaws who also have mistaken him for the killer.  Tom then sets out to find the real murderer.  Watch for the cool scene when Tom, on horseback, jumps over a huge crevasse.  Above average Tyler Reliable.  Recommended.  16mm.

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