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CALL OF THE DESERT (1930, Syndicate) Tom Tyler, Bud Osborne, Cliff Lyons, Sheila LeGay.  This silent rarity features a novel setting as Tom and Bud drift across a snow-covered desert.  Tom carries a map to his pappy’s gold stake.  He of course is dry-gulched by Bud, who steals the map and leaves Tom die.  Tom is rescued though, and later awakens in the care of a beautiful girl who just happens to be...you guessed it...Bud’s niece.  What’s a poor country girl to do?  Music score, from 16mm.

THE FORTY-NINERS (1932, Freuler) Tom Tyler, Al Bridge, Betty Mack, Gordon Wood.  Tom’s a tough buffalo trader who falls for a beautiful babe on a wagon train heading for California.  However, one of the guides is a crook and is helping plan an Indian attack on the train!  Tom gets shot by the scoundrel!  How will it all turn out?  Lots of action in what is likely the best of Tom’s Freuler films.  16mm. 

TRIGGER TOM (1935, Reliable) Tom Tyler, Bernadine Hayes, Al St. John.  Tom and Al head for the high country to do some cattle buying.  They’re shot at by snipers!  It seems a power-hungry rancher is trying to monopolize the local cattle industry.  Exciting six-gun action and intrigue follow.  A fine cast shines in what is certainly one of Tyler’s best Reliables.  16mm. 

CHEYENNE RIDES AGAIN (1937, Victory) Tom Tyler, Lon Chaney, Lucille Browne.  Tom is a tough lawman posing as an outlaw.  He steals $10,000 from a major cattle thief, then agrees to return the cash for a job with the gang and a share of the loot.  Lon is great as the bad-ass outlaw who exposes him.  A great Tyler Victory western, right up there with RIP ROARING BUCKAROO.  From 16mm. 

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