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$50,000 REWARD (1924, Davis) Ken Maynard, Esther Ralston, Bert Lindley.  This film helped launch Maynard as a western star.  Ken’s an easy-going cowboy who inherits a ranch where a dam is to be built.  Danger follows when a crooked banker tries to snag the valuable land.  Music score.  16mm. 

RANGE LAW (1931, Tiffany) Ken Maynard, Frances Dade, Lafe McKee, Frank Mayo, Charlie King, Tom London.  Great stuff!  Ken’s in top form as a convict who busts out of jail to find the scoundrel who framed him.  He finds him in a lonely  cow town surrounded by a gang of thugs and on the verge of marrying the prettiest gal in town.  The scene where King guns down London is a bit of an eye-opener.  16mm.   

WHISTLIN’ DAN (1932, Tiffany) Ken Maynard, Joyzelle Joyner, Georges Renevant, Don Terry.  A great B western.  A renegade named Karloff holds Ken’s pal for ransom.  Ken’s got until sunset to deliver $5000 or his bud will be executed!  Ken doesn’t make it in time (the execution is an eye-opener).  Ken swears to track down the murderous desperado in what is probably his best western for Tiffany.  16mm. 

TRAILING TROUBLE (1937, Grand National) Ken Maynard, Lona Andre, Roger Williams.  A very good Maynard vehicle about an easy going cowhand who's mistaken for a ruthless killer.  Using this as a ruse, he obtains a job as a foreman and settles a major dispute over open rangeland and water rights.  Maynard's charming western personality really shines through.  Probably his best film for Grand National.    

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