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FIGHTING THRU (1930, Tiffany) Ken Maynard, Jeanette Loff, Wallace McDonald, Charlie King.  Ken is framed for the murder of his mining partner. His dead pal’s sis is about to be conned by the very crook who actually committed the murder.  Ken convinces her of his innocence and goes after the killer in what may well be his best western for Tiffany.  Good stuff!  From 16mm. 

THE POCATELLO KID (1931, Tiffany) Ken Maynard, Marceline Day, Richard Cramer, Charlie King.  Highly enjoyable Maynard western with Ken in a dual role as a crooked sheriff and a misunderstood outlaw called "The Pocatello Kid."  When the crooked sheriff is killed, a notorious rustler induces the Kid to take his place.   But the Kid--much to the rustler's chagrin--then decides to go straight.  From 16mm. 

COME ON TARZAN (1932, World Wide, From 35mm) Ken Maynard, Merna Kennedy, Niles Welch.  UNCUT!  Wild horses are being rounded up and exterminated!  One horse in particular seems responsible for leading off many ranch horses.  Ken tries to save it from destruction and prove it's "not guilty," running afoul of the law as he does.  Who is guilty?  This is without a doubt one of Ken’s best films.  Our print contains several minutes of footage not found in most prints.  From 35mm.

PHANTOM RANCHER (1940, Colony) Ken Maynard, Dorothy Short, Harry Harvey, Dave O’Brien.  Ken dons a black mask and black outfit as he secretly battles a gang of land-grabbing crooks.  Not a bad movie, but it’s sad to see Maynard getting so fat near the end of his career.  Poor Tarzan.  16mm.   

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