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ARIZONA TERROR (1931, Tiffany) Ken Maynard, Hooper Atchley, Lina Basquette.  A top-of-the-line early B western.  Ken is dry-gulched by four thugs who buy horses and then commit murder to get their cash back.  Ken ends up framed for one of the killings!  He clears himself though, with the aid of a Mexican bandit.  Tarzan never looked better, doing some great stunts and two eye-popping jumps over a big wall.  From 16mm.  

BETWEEN FIGHTING MEN (1932, World Wide) Ken Maynard, Ruth Hall, Wallace McDonald.  A top Maynard film about two brothers who try to prevent a range war between their father and a newly-arrived sheepherder, who’s killed by one of their dad's men.  They allow the daughter of the dead herder to come between them, climaxing with a terrific confrontation in a saloon.  Well acted, with far more characterization than most B westerns.  16mm.   

IN OLD SANTA FE (1934, Mascot) Ken Maynard, Evalyn Knapp, Gabby Hayes, H.B. Warner, Ken Thompson, Gene Autry.  Considered by some to be Ken's finest film.  Ken enters his famous stallion, Tarzan, into a horse race (Gabby puts up Tarzan as part of a wager).  Unknown to Ken, a trip wire has been planted to make Tarzan stumble and lose the race.  Later, Ken finds himself implicated in robbery and murder.  A landmark "B" western that gave Autry his start.  Thinking about starting a B western collection?  This is a great one to start with.  From 16mm.  

BOOTS OF DESTINY (1937, Grand National) Ken Maynard, Claudia Dell, Vince Barnett, Walter Patterson.  An interesting story involving ancient treasure, lucky boots, Mexican raiders, and cattle rustlers.  Some thundering gun battles.  At one point Ken ends up in jail.  His first Grand National effort. 16mm.  

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