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ROGUE OF THE RANGE (1936, Supreme, From 35mm) Johnny Mack Brown, Lois January, Alden Chase, George Ball, Jack Rockwell.  Johnny Mack behind Bars!?  Yup, it’s true.  Johnny’s locked in the slammer for knocking off the local stage and making off with the express money.  On top of that, he’s fallen for a local dance hall singer.  He’s tried and sent to prison for a 20-year stretch.  But all is not as it seems, and a larger, more involved conspiracy begins to unravel.  Johnny has some great riding and action sequences in this top notch Supreme Pictures production.    

COURAGEOUS AVENGER (1935, Supreme) Johnny Mack Brown, Helen Ericson, Warner Richmond.  One of Johnny’s best.  He plays an agent brought in to crack a ring of desert bandits.  The gang has been stealing bullion shipments coming out of a local gold mine operated by the evil stepfather of Johnny’s gal.  A bizarre, almost horrific twist in the plotline has the bandits using wandering drifters lost in the desert for slave labor.   One terrific scene has the half-mad captives revolting in a particularly maniacal manner.  Highly recommended.  Wow!  From 16mm.  

UNDER COVER MAN (1936, Supreme) Johnny Mac Brown, Suzanne Kaaren, Ted Adams.  After cutthroats rob the stage Johnny is riding on, he decides to check out the law in a nearby town.  The sheriff is wary of his sharp-shooting abilities, though, and soon Johnny is suspected of being a road agent.  One riveting scene has Johnny’s unconscious body floating down a river!  Recommended. 16mm. 

PARTNERS OF THE TRAIL (1944, Monogram) Johnny Mack Brown, Ray Hatton, Christine McIntyre, Robert Frazer, Craig Woods.  Johnny and Ray investigate mysterious murders in a small western town.  Unknown to ranchers, their lands are sitting atop large gold veins that are coveted by the corrupt head of a land and cattle company who wants the gold for himself.  16mm.  

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