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WILD HORSE (1931, Allied) Hoot Gibson, Alberta Vaughn, Stepin Fetchit, Ed Cobb.  Hoot capture’s a wild horse known as “Devil.”  A rodeo promoter has offered a $1000 for its capture!  However, before they get back, the horse is stolen and Hoot’s pal is gunned down.  Hoot goes after the killer with a vengeance in the film’s exciting climax.  Fetchit’s footage, much of which is usually cut, is restored here.  35mm.  

THE GAY BUCKAROO (1932, Allied) Hoot Gibson, Merna Kennedy, Charlie King.  Hoot’s got a thing for a rancher’s daughter, but she’s smitten by the weasel that owns the local gambling house.  Hoot’s course of action (upon advice from the local Chinese handyman) is to beat the hell out of the guy.  He does, then the guy rustles his horses.  Plenty of action and Gibsonesque humor follow.  Great fun!  16mm.  

BOILING POINT (1932, Allied) Hoot Gibson, Helen Foster, Wheeler Oakman, Skeeter Bill Robbins.  Another amusing Gibson comedy-western.  Hoot plays a fight-loving cowboy whose uncle sends him to a wealthy banker's ranch to keep him out of trouble.  There he uncovers a plot by one of the banker's employees (Oakman) to steal away with his daughter and the money from the bank!  From 16mm. 

THE COWBOY COUNSELOR —Special 35mm Edition (1932, Allied) Hoot Gibson, Sheila Mannors, Bill Robbins.  Top-notch Gibson.  Hoot’s a con-man posing as a frontier lawyer who goes around town selling a bogus law book.  Things get serious though, when he agrees to defend a rancher falsely accused of robbery.  However, things get tough in court, and Hoot’s only able to sway the jury after he dons the scarf of the real bandit and commits another theft.  Just one problem though: The stagecoach he robs just happens to be carrying the new trial judge!  Cute, clever, and funny.  Cool.  

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