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THE MAN FROM TEXAS (1917, Aywon) Tom Mix, Bessie Eyton.  Tom gets a message that his sister’s in trouble and has been left by her no-good husband.  When Tom arrives, sis is dead!   Vowing revenge, he tracks down the husband and plugs him!  Afterwards, he meets his true love and goes through a series of adventures with her.  This early Mix feature was actually compiled from earlier Mix shorts.  Somehow it all comes together fairly well.  Music score.  From a nice old 16mm print.  

TRAILIN’ (1921, Fox) Tom Mix, Eva Novak, Bert Sprotte, Sid Jordon.  A Tom Mix classic!  Tom is a devil-may-care aristocrat whose father has mysteriously concealed all info about his deceased mother.  One day, an old man shows up and shoots Tom’s father dead!  The only clue Tom has is a picture of a far-away ranch in Idaho that was hidden away for years in a secret room in their mansion.  Tom rides out to find the man who shot his father and the answers to his own past.  Music score, from 16mm.   

JUST TONY (1922, Fox) Tom Mix, Tony, Claire Adams, Duke Lee.  A delightful film that aptly displays the amiable western charm that made Mix the biggest western star of his era.  Tom’s a roving cowboy seeking revenge on the man who shot him in a saloon brawl.  During his wanderings, he comes to admire a dazzling wild stallion named Tony, whom he wants to capture and break.  He also unknowingly falls in love with the daughter of the man who shot him!  One great scene has Tom rescuing Tony from a whipping by a merciless ranch hand.  Highly recommended.  Music score, 16mm.   

SKY HIGH (1922, Fox) Tom Mix, Eva Novak, Sid Jordan.  This top-notch B western, shot on location in the Grand Canyon, features some fabulous cinematography.  Tom is a tough cowboy undercover agent investigating the smuggling of Chinese laborers across the border.  Tom comes upon a girl who has wandered away from her friends and become lost.  He tries to help but is captured by the smugglers!  Little does he know that the girl’s guardian is behind the smuggling operation.  See the first filmed aerial shots of the Grand Canyon.  Highly recommended.  Music score, 16mm.  

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