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Armchair Fiction PROFESSOR JAMESON SAGA, THE, Book One

Armchair fiction presents extra large editions of the best in classic science fiction novels and short stories.  Here’s our first installment of a soon to be five-book series, “The Professor Jameson Saga, Book One,” written by one of the original masters of space opera, Neil R. Jones.  There are three novellas and one bonus story in this first book.  After his dead, yet perfectly preserved, body spent forty million years in a coffin spaceship circling the Earth, Professor Jameson awoke to discover that the Zoromes, an alien race of highly advanced intellects, had stumbled upon his eternally-orbiting spaceship.  Removing his brain, they placed it into a virtually immortal mechanical body, just like their own, and resuscitated him from the dead.  The Professor, after learning humanity had long since perished from the face of the Earth, was persuaded to accompany them, roaming the universe in search of strange worlds and high adventures. They soon encountered a planet with two suns whose Triped inhabitants had perished from suicide & madness. While the professor wasn’t affected, the Zoromes, unable to defend themselves, succumbed to the same strange malady, eventually leaving the professor alone and despondent, in a crippled Zorome ship.  After hundreds of years, ancestors of the doomed Triped colony—now capable of space travel—rescued the Professor. Upon learning the fate of the first Triped colonists, they returned to the planet of double suns on a mission of revenge!  Against a background of epic advances and deadly conflicts, Professor Jameson, along with the men of Zor, find never-ending scientific adventures and intrigue in these thrilling stories by Neil R. Jones.

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