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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  Our first novel is “Beyond the Green Prism.”  In early 1929 the legendary pulp magazine, Amazing Stories published A. Hyatt Verrill’s remarkable tale, “Into the Green Prism.”  It was met with such positive reader response that Verrill quickly wrote a sequel, “Beyond the Green Prism,” which was serialized, again in Amazing Stories, later that year.  In this intriguing sequel the central character, Don Alfeo (an anthropologist extraordinaire) is much distressed over the ultimate destiny of his friend Ramon Amador, who, in the first tale, had used a mysterious green mineral, manabinite, to fashion a prism that ultimately transferred him to a microscopic Manabí village in the wilds of South America.  Not knowing his friend’s fate, Don Alfeo sets out to South America once again, armed with another manabinite prism, in the hopes of finding and somehow returning his friend to the civilized world.  But how does one find a villiage no bigger than the head on a pin…?  The second novel is “Alcatraz of the Starways” by sci-fi veterans Albert De Pina & Henry Hasse.  Was Earth’s Domination about to End?  War was imminent.  Earth’s control over Venus and Mars was purely for slavery and profit, and Earth’s Federation wouldn’t give either planet their freedom.  Stuck in the middle of all this was an Earthian undercover agent, Mark Denning, who hadn’t planned on dying while doing his job, but it certainly wasn’t looking good. His assignment had been to find out why the shipments of Venusian pearls to Earth had fallen off so dramatically.  His mission took him from a Venusian Prison Swamp to a fiery planet named Vulcan.  There, he and an exiled Venusian princess discovered a tortured assemblage of men dragged into servitude by the worst kind of interplanetary scoundrel.  Even worse, Denning soon became aware of a maniacal plot to overthrow the entirety of the Earth Federation.

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