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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  Our first novel is a terrific piece of poignant, action-packed science fiction, “The Last Two Alive!” by sci-fi maestro Alfred Coppel.  Could he stop total galactic carnage?  Aram Jerrold had been betrayed by the woman he loved.  Convicted of treason, he was now faced with a death sentence of the worst kind—death by slow disintegration on a prison planet light years away.  Yet by a strange twist of fate, Jerrold found himself in the middle of a strange conspiracy—a conspiracy led by a small group of rebels with a desperate plan to save the galaxy from total destruction.  But with a madman in control of a horrifying weapon that could twist all humanity into the lowest form of bestiality, and a massive space armada set to blow his planet to smithereens, it seemed there was little Jerrold or any of his cohorts could do.  And soon, with Santane’s missiles of death racing across the star ways, the chance of saving a civilization that stretched across the breadth of thirty suns seemed very slim indeed.   The second novel is is an all-time classic from one of the best sci-fi writers who ever lived, Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “Out of Time’s Abyss.”  In this marvelous sequel to both “The Land that Time Forgot” and “The People that Time Forgot,” Burroughs brings us back to distant Caprona, an incredible lost island world, where all of the world’s savage past still flourished.  Rampant in this distant land were prehistoric beasts that still thundered across the land.  Caprona was also home to tribes of primitive cavemen and savage Bronze Age barbarians.  But there was still one more dreaded secret that the prehistoric forces of this distant madhouse island guarded most of all.  This is the amazing tale of the daring man who risked his life in the quest to find that awful secret.  When Bradley, the stalwart adventurer, dared to cross the last, seemingly uncrossable barrier straight into the heart of Caprona, he found himself in a land of prehistoric terror the likes of which few civilized men had ever witnessed…

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