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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  Our first novel, “Let Freedom Ring,” is by renown sci-fi and horror author, Fritz Leiber.  Try to imagine what it would be like…to be told that it was your duty to die?  That’s what Normsi faced when he found his “death notice” waiting for him at home one afternoon.  Normsi was strongly reminded that under World Director M’Caslrai’s rule, peace had prospered in all nations.  In fact, a single government had ruled the Earth’s populace for two centuries and there hadn’t been a civil war in over a hundred years.  But the price for this peace was paid in the form of controlled casualties—millions would die so that billions could live.  However, this kind of patriotic obligation didn’t sit well with Normsi, so he left his comfortable life in New City and gambled his future on the dark streets of Old City, a harbor for deviates, discontents, and murderers.  But there he met a strange girl—a girl that gave him new hope and a new direction.  Her name was J’Quilvens, and she was part of a revolutionary group with a desperate plan for true world peace—and a permanent end to the “patriotic” slaughter.  The second novel is “The Machine that Floats” by veteran sci-fi author Joe Gibson.  Imagine what it would be like if you invented a new kind of spaceship?  Would you give it to the world?  And what if you decided not to?  Would the government brand you a traitor—a criminal to be hunted down?  These were questions that Bill Morrow faced after inventing a revolutionary new gravity control mechanism…the gravitor, which could make things float without the use of high-powered engines and flaming jet fuel.  Objects simply floated up into the air, seemingly unaffected by the laws of gravity.  The gravitor held promise of opening doors in many areas of science and commerce.  But in the wrong hands, it could also be used as a dreadful weapon.  Bill Morrow realized this, so he and his associates decided to develop the gravitor secretly. Morrow knew it would be no easy task though, because everyone knew that secrets were meant to be broken…

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