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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations.  Our first novel, “Wolfbane,” is a classic from two of sci-fi’s best, Frederik Pohl & C. M. Kornbluth.  The Earth and Moon had been kidnapped!  Earth was in a desperate situation.  Only a small artificial sun, re-energized every five years, stood between mankind and total extinction.  But how had this happened?  The seemingly impossible truth could not be denied:  a wandering alien planet, guided by mysterious entities known as Pyramids, had stolen Earth and its Lunar satellite from their orbits and dragged them out into the coldest reaches of outer space.  But standing alone among the decimated human populace was a rebellious man named Glenn Tropile.  He wasn’t the kind of person to take something of this magnitude lightly, and when Tropile found himself in a position to help shape Earth’s future for the better, he jumped at the opportunity….  The second novel is Robert Moore Williams’ “Three Against the Roum.”  They had been shipwrecked on a planet of death!  Balfour had been sent to Venus on a special assignment.  His mission was to sniff out rumors of a terrifying new weapon secretly developed by the Venusians and whether or not it posed any threat to the security of Earth and the other civilized planets.  But the unexpected crash of Balfour’s spaceship had been a disastrous setback.  So there he was, stuck in the wilds of Venus with a beautiful girl holding one hand and a powerful ray gun in the other.  Whether or not they could escape from the terrors of the Venusian jungles remained to be seen…  Robert Moore Williams was one of the best when it came to writing good old-fashioned science fiction adventure tales and “Three against the Roum” is another fine example of his story-telling prowess.  It is also the sequel to Williams’ equally exciting novelette, “Doom Ship,” now available in Armchair Fiction’s “Science Fiction Gems, Volume Ten.”

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