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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels.  The first novel in this pairing is another golden age of science fiction goodie, “Sons of the Deluge” by Nelson S. Bond.  Could Atlantis be saved from Disaster?  With Mexican security forces hot on their trail, Duke Callion and Joey Cox sought refuge in an obscure town on the Yucatan peninsula.  There they were rescued by a mysterious man named Quelchal, who offered his own abode as their hiding place.  But Callion and Cox were bewildered by their new friend’s wild, fantastic tale.  Quelchal claimed to be a member of the Atlantean race—a race that had been extinct for thousands of years, wiped out by a titanic flood.  Quelchal had been exiled in time, 12,000 years into the future!  But it was his grand plan to return to the past and somehow warn his people of the impending disaster; to somehow save them from the wall of water that would destroy the entire Atlantean culture.  Using his incredible time ship, and with Callion and Cox by his side, the trio embarked on a daring and deadly adventure, traveling back to the age of Atlantean splendor—to warn a civilization, before it was too late… The second novel is by lauded sci-fi author Raymond Z. Gallun, “Dawn of the Demi-gods.” Eons before man had set foot into outer space there had been a great war.  A war between Mars and Planet X.  The conflict came to a bloody end with the destruction of all life on Mars and the total obliteration of Planet X, which was reduced to rubble and eventually became the asteroid belt.  But centuries later strange things began to happen on Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede.  There came a report of the discovery of a cache of tools in a chest that was of almost microscopic dimensions.  In finding it, several men were afflicted with dizziness and fainting.  One had died.  It soon became clear that the hand of an alien race was responsible—an alien race of almost unfathomable smallness.  And soon, as unheralded as ghosts, but as significant as a new dawn of history, there came to Earth from distant Ganymede’s glowing crescent—three micro-androids, minuscule beings, carrying the treasure of immortality.

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