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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel “The Golden Gods” is an epic sci-fi tale by S. J. Byrne. Upon Death’s door Michael Flannigan was given the OK to return to the moon for some final readings—it was a one-way trip. When his battered and leaky rocket made it to the moon, Flannigan did once again find the Lens—but it seemed dead, and he was certain he was too. But when he awakened, he was again on the other side of the Lens. Only this time something was terribly amiss, he was surrounded by the green men—and in the body of his hated nemesis, a Bi’djar Li warrior! But what plans did the Lens have for him? A new threat loomed, brought about by the conniving priesthood of the green men…a threat that imperiled not only the red-skinned Serin Ni, but the entire world. It was a threat that only Gurund Ritroon could face, and only he had a chance to mitigate it and save both races. The second novel is a sequel to “The Golden Gods” titled “The Return of Michael Flannigan” written once again by heralded sci-fi author, S. J. Byrne. Flannigan, the man, had been lost on Luna. Now, Flannigan, the robot, came crashing back through the lens to find a body of living flesh in which to build a new life. Michael Flannigan had come home in a fiery explosion of atomic power. Just as he returned to Earth, the cold war turned hot—it was World War III. The Communist enemy—Russia joined by Japan, China, and Korea—appeared to have help. Among their armaments were flying spheres of destruction. They had invaded he west coast, and would soon spread across the entire continent if the Allies couldn’t discover their secrets and try to gain a similar advantage. Michael Flannigan had defeated an army of primitive green men beyond the lens…but did he stand a chance against the technologically advanced communist forces?

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