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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is a minor masterpiece of science fiction, and one of the better works by Rog Phillips titled “Victims of the Vortex.” After a hard week of work, Craig Terry was really looking forward to getting back to Earth, and taking his girl to the big dance in Mongolia. Unfortunately, his “pal” Jack Spence had other plans. One little alteration to the ship’s controls made Terry bypass Earth and flung him into deep space. It took moments for Terry to realize he wasn’t going to make that dance—and only half as long to figure out who betrayed him. While he drifted through the vastness of space he encountered a life form in the shape of a lovely woman—to him a goddess. She had become trapped in his space-time field…but they were only parallel, for they could never touch. He had accepted his own fate of tumbling endlessly through space, but if something wasn’t done soon, she, too, would become trapped forever—both of them victims of the vortex. The second novel is “Cosmic Computer” by H. Beam Piper. Everybody on the war-torn planet of Poictesme believed it existed. And they all believed that when this super-gigantic computer was located amid mountains and mountains of surplus equipment, which was the planet’s sole source of revenue, it would mean the ultimate in Utopia for everyone. But Conn Maxwell knew different. He had studied the records on Earth and he thought he knew the true facts about this cosmic computer. But to reveal these facts to the public would cause panic all over Poictesme, so instead he methodically set about a new search in his own way—a search that led to startling results. H. Beam Piper, author of “Space Viking,” produced an original and unusual novel of a fantastic future with his wonderful tale, “The Cosmic Computer.”

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