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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is “Enslaved Brains” written by Eando Binder. Try to imagine a world in which the government had solved all of mankind’s needs. A world in which the difference between the richest and poorest persons was only vaguely significant. A world where mankind had to work less; had the best in medical care; and never had want of food, medicine, or shelter. There was no crime; there was no war. This was the brave new world of the Unidum—a government as close to utopia as the world had ever known. But within every world government there are flaws, and the Unidum was no different. It had passed the Brain Control Act; a law that allowed the government to revitalize the brains of dead citizens and use them as “controllers” for complex networks of machinery in large factories and food manufacturing centers. Unfortunately, these brains, once revitalized, brought a semblance of life back to their former selves, a semblance of life that was an unending nightmare of mental torture for the revitalized souls within. It was up to renegade band of scientists to put this horrific practice to an end. But what chance did they against the most formidable dictatorship mankind had ever known? The second novel is “Conception: Zero”, a wonderful gem written by E. K. Jarvis. It’s a world of the future. There is no more war, disease, and people just live longer. But with an overpopulated world, procreation became severely limited—severely limited. Girls on the cusp of womanhood had to undergo the sterilization procedure, which could only be reversed upon receipt of a pregnancy permit. Enter Johnny Barlow, a detective for the Public Welfare Bureau who was put on the trail of a man allegedly breaking the law and making women fertile again without government sanction. But he needed a mole…a pretty dame who could act like she was willing to do anything to have a baby. Enter Kay Conway. But what he didn’t expect—and nor did she at first—was that she was more than just willing!

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