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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. Legendary sci-fi authors Lester del Rey & Frederick Pohl collaborated on the first novel, “No More Stars.” It was the rottenest of tricks—to bring a man back from the dead to do a completely hopeless job—with the same punishment whether he failed or succeeded! But that’s what Dave Hanson was faced with. His memory wasn’t real clear, but somehow he knew he’d been flattened by a bulldozer in the wilds of Alaska. In short, he was deader than a doornail—but only for a while. For he was soon alive and well and in the best shape of his life in a strange world filled with strange men, strange beasts, and lots and lots of magic. It was also a world in which science had run amok. You see, the sky was falling—literally—to the ground—in chunks and pieces! That’s why the rulers of this world had brought Dave Hanson back from the dead—to fix the sky! So against impossible odds he used a combination of magic and science to try and solve a problem that was beyond the mental capabilities of the world’s smartest men—even the genius of Albert Einstein! The second novel is “The Man Who Lived Forever” by R. DeWitt Miller and Anna Hunger. What terrors were performed in Laboratory One, that its very name could cause strong men and innocent children to tremble with fear? Only the Master knew that it was not terror that was housed behind those impregnable walls, but the most precious secret of the ages—the secret of immortality. The safety of all humanity lay in the Master’s silence—yet the life of the one woman he loved hung desperately in the balance. He could buy a new lease on her precious life at the price of the world’s security. Only a god can resist temptation—and the Master, though he had lived a thousand years or more, was still just a man.

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