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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is “In Caverns Below” written by Golden Age science fiction master Stanton A. Coblentz. After mining engineer Frank Comstock was separated from his partner and life-long friend by a sudden cave-in, he was captured by a subterranean group of strange, chalky white people. They were the people of Wu, and though they were scientifically far in advance, they were also most unreasonable. They drove their vehicles without any regard for public safety, promoted thoughtlessness, reproduced without concern for resources, and sent their young boys to fight and die in a war for which there was no principle. After he learned their language and customs, Frank secured a job as a lowly clerk. But through providence he was promoted to a higher position in which he came up with a plan…to become the dictator In Caverns Below! The second novel is “Dynasty of the Lost” by another well-known name from the golden age of sci-fi, George O. Smith. It all started one day when two giant logic computers became jointly self-aware. Together they became “the Machine.” Unknown to the people in charge of Earth’s mightiest weapons of war, the Machine was busy extending its mechanical mind control and putting together an army of servant machines that would daunt even the most formidable armies of mankind. Soon all the mechanical devices of the world were under its control. But the Machine knew there was something missing. There was a lingering question that even its ultra-intelligent computer brain did not have the answer to. So it reached out to abduct the two people on Earth that might have the answer it sought—the two people who were behind the building of the original logic computers, Harry Vinson and Narina Varada, both of whom were from competing nations. But once the Machine had captured them would it mean the beginning of a ghastly mechanical war against mankind, or the beginning of something far more sinister?

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