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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel, “Magnanthropus” is by veteran science fiction writer Manly Banister. Eloraspon was a strange world indeed. Eloraspon, meaning World of Beauty, was old—and not Earth. There were holes in the veil that separated Earth from Eloraspon. Sometimes Earth people came there by accident and sometimes they accidentally returned. During a convergence of the two dimensions, tremendous earthquakes caused the holes to close; and that’s when Jeff Jarvis found himself—bruised but alive—in this new realm called Eloraspon. Somehow, the Midwestern town where Jarvis’ adventure had begun, had been thrust into the domain of Eloraspon and left there. And unfortunately for Jarvis, it was now impossible to tell what fate had befallen Earth on the other side of the nameless veil. Where was the Earth? What had become of her billions of people? Instinctively Jeff followed an urge that drove him westward. Along with a boy and a young woman, who soon became his family, he knew he would someday solve the riddle of Eloraspon… The second novel is “Beyond the Fearful Forest” by sci-fi expert Geoff St. Reynard. A great tale where the hunter becomes the hunted… No hunter had ever dared to follow the great Knifetooth Bear, Halfspoor, into his Fearful Forest. For beyond it lay a greater peril—the land of The Nameless…But Ahmusk had tired of the beast raiding his village during each and every full moon. He also wanted Halfspoor’s hide as a mating rug. His bride would be very proud! And his village would hail him as a hero. However, on his journey, Ahmusk was faced with a warning shot—by one of his own arrows. Someone, or something, didn’t want him to venture into the stark blackened plain Beyond the Fearful Forest…

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