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Action-Adventure-Drama TREASURE OF THE AZTECS

(1965) Lex Barker, Gerard Barray, Rik Battaglia, Michele Girardon, Alessandra Panaro, Theresa Lorca.   What a surprise this film turned out to be!   It's a great, sprawling action epic with a climax much in the Indiana Jones vien.  Barker plays an American diplomat in the service of Benito Juarez during the Mexican civil war.  There are multiple avenues of intrigue throughout the film and the action is plentiful featuring pitched gun battles, indian raids, duels, betrayals, fistfights, etc.  the film's only drawback is a bit of weak comedy relief, otherwise it's a great Euro-action thriller.   Things end up in the wilds of Mexico with a hunt for secret Aztec treasure.   A terrific climax features an Aztec high priest setting in motion a string of explosions that fill the ancient Aztec caves of gold with hot, molten lava.  Wow… Barker is great but Battaglia almost steals the show as a ruthless renegade Mexican Army Captain.  Directed by Robert Siodmak of Son of Dracula fame. Color, 16mm.  

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