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Horror SOFI

(1967, aka DIARY OF A MADMAN) Tom Troupe.  It's not often you see a psychological horror film that delves into the depths of madness the way this film does.  Sofi begins with a 19th Century business clerk walking through his village toward home.  Inside his humble dwelling he looks into the camera and begins to tell tales of his every day experiences and his infactuation with a woman named Sofi.  His rantings soon dissolve into self-induced madness and brooding psychological horror. Sofi is not a horror movie with supernatural creatures or rubber-suited monsters; but if you appreciate acting at its very best—and Tom Trouple is absolutely brilliant—you'll find that its a dazzling one-man-act that's impossible to turn away from.  It was the “Best Film” winner at the ‘68 Atlanta Film Fest.  PLEASE NOTE:  Our video master was taken from an ancient ¾" master originally provided to us by Tom Troupe himself.  It has a higher number of drop-outs that usual and it's video clarity is less than normal.  However, it is still quite watchable and we highly recommend it.  All film elements on Sofi are thought to be lost.  

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