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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic mystery-crime double novels.  The first novel is “Fury on Sunday” by one of the great science fiction, fantasy, and horror writers of the 20th Century, Richard Matheson.  It is one of his earliest works—a pure thriller from start to finish.  It was an orgy of blood.  He drove the jagged glass into Harry’s eyes.  And he ran.  He hadn’t wanted to kill Harry.  But Harry was in his way.  And nobody must be in his way.  Not until he had got to Ruth, his Ruth.  But before he found Ruth, there was the subway guard, and suddenly there was blood on both of them, and the guard was dead.  He hadn’t wanted to kill the guard, but… But he had to kill them all.  All the damnable interfering slime who kept pushing at him and telling him what to do and making him so confused and so mad.  And then he had Ruth in front of him, in the bedroom, and he knew what he wanted, but they wouldn’t let him, they wouldn’t let him.  And he had to kill again… The second novel is “The Agony Column” by heralded mystery author, Earl Derr Biggers.  In this classic thriller by the man who gave us Charlie Chan, a young American visiting London, Geoffrey West, comes to a posh London hotel for breakfast.  During his meal, West innocently checks the personal ads in the London Daily Mail’s “Agony Column,” which feature all sorts of over-the-top romantic correspondences.  His breakfast is interrupted by the arrival of a beautiful American girl and her father, who are seated a few feet away from his table.  He notices that the girl is also engrossed in the same column.  Soon West has written a letter to the beautiful American, to be posted in the Agony Column in the hope of catching her eye and serving as the medium for their introduction.  As luck will have it, she reads the letter and responds.  A series of letters then commence between the two Americans.  But before long a maze of perplexing circumstances arise, and soon interwoven into their writings is an all too real murder mystery.   

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