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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic mystery-suspense double novels.  The first novel is E. Howard Hunt’s, “The Violent Ones.”  It was a red fury that drove Paul Cameron to Paris, into a maelstrom of intrigue and violence.  In the center of that whirlpool he found a flaming nightclub singer, a fortune in illegal gold—and quick death on every side.  Here is a novel that carries you with breathless speed into an exciting adventure that will leave you breathless by story’s end.  The author of “The Violent Ones” is Watergate burglar and infamous Nixon “plumber,” E. Howard Hunt.  Before his deep involvement in politics and national intelligence, Hunt was a mystery and intrigue writer for many years, right up into the 1950s.  But it is his involvement with the CIA and the Nixon Administration that he will always be remembered for.  Yet, it is clear that Hunt was a very skilled and knowledgeable fiction writer.  In reading “The Violent Ones” it is fascinating to examine the fictional machinations of Howard Hunt’s mind.  Machinations that would eventually carry over into his real life profession as a CIA operative.  This double novel’s second tale is a terrific murder thriller, “High Heel Homicide” by Frederick C. Davis.  The first time Trex encountered the killer it was in the glare of headlights and the blood was dripping from the killer’s hand. His boss had gotten the axe…literally.   The second time Trex met the killer, he got a bullet through his arm.  Then a studio writer was beaten to death with a fire poker… Three people also had identical gunshot wounds.  So by the third time Trex and the killer were ready to meet, it was obvious to him that he was being set up for the morgue.  But this time Trex would meet the killer face to face with a leveled pistol.  Provided, that is, that he could find out exactly who the killer was beforehand.  So less than thirty-six hours after almost running over the killer, Trex was staring down the barrel of the killer’s gun.  It was at that moment, he figured it all out… 

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