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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels.  The first novel is Nick Boddie Williams’ “The Atom Curtain.”  He broke the barrier to a continent in exile.  For two hundred and seventy years America had been totally cut off from the rest of the world by an impenetrable wall of raging atomic fury.  To the frightened countries of the Old World, what had once been the greatest of all powers was now the most fearful of all mysteries.  No man ached to know what lay behind that frightful barrier more than Emmett O’Hara, restless air-sentinel of the International Patrol—whose American ancestors had been stranded in Britain the day the Atom Curtain was raised.  Then, on December 20, in the year 2230, while on routine patrol, O’Hara did the impossible.  He broke through the barrier—and lived!  But the full story of O’Hara’s discoveries and adventures in Atomic America is so utterly breath-taking that readers are sure to rate it a classic of modern science-fiction.  The second novel is “The Warlock of Sharrador” by well-known sci-fi author and famed comic book editor, Gardner F. Fox.  For unremembered eons the god had slept.  For a million years it had quested through the star worlds of its dreams, until it lived only as a faint legend in the race memories of mankind.  But now the time had come for man to recall its name, and to worship it once again.  Noorlythin arose and went out into the world of men—with his robot minions.  The High Mor wanted all Earthers dead…including Kael McCanahan’s father and the rest of their crew.  With the flame-tressed Flaith, McCanahan fled through filthy sewers and the dusty desert—only to be confronted by Noorlythin!  But McCanahan’s father left him a valuable legacy…the means to destroy Noorlythin, and his minions once and for all.  If only McCanahan could keep it away from his enemies, and rescue the lovely Flaith…

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