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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels.  The first novel is “Last Call for Doomsday” written by one of the masters of science fiction adventure, Edmond Hamilton.  An asteroid was hurtling through space directly toward Earth.  There was no doubt that the end of man’s home planet was near at hand.  But what could be done to save mankind itself?  The task of evacuating the entire population of Earth was daunting enough; and it didn’t help matters that the man who discovered the asteroid, Lee Kendrick, hadn’t seen fit to leave the planet himself!  So now there were millions who thought it was all just a ruse.  They weren’t going to be fooled!  But Lee Kendrick hadn’t refused to leave, he had been kidnapped—kidnapped by forces with a very sinister plan.  So it was up to Jay Wales, a government man on far off Mars, to find Kendrick and bring an end to the confusion.  But time was running out for Wales, and Kendrick, and the world…it was Last Call for Doomsday! The second novel is Robert Moore Williams’ “The Huntress of Akkan.”  King and Carson had come to the wilds of Upper Burma in search of their friend, Mackintosh, who had disappeared in the Burmese jungles many months earlier.  When they found him, they heard bizarre tales of a lost temple and a mad high priest named Akbad.  Even stranger, they heard Mackintosh rant on about an extraordinary place he’d visited, a place he could only describe as “heaven.”  But as wild as these accounts seemed, it wasn’t long before King and Carson found themselves at the mercy of the of the very man Mackintosh had described as “a god.”  However, Akbad was a real man and a real high priest.  Only his powers were far greater than anyone could have imagined, and before long King and Carson found themselves fighting for their lives in a horrifying world that had all the appearances of being another planet in another solar system…perhaps even in another universe!  A planet ruled by a beautiful she-devil with a lust for blood.

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