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Poverty Row Collections JAY-DEE-KAY PRODUCTIONS, Vol. 1

Here are four cool Poverty Row movies on two discs, all from Jay-Dee-Kay Productions (also known as J. D. Kendis):

JAWS OF THE JUNGLE (1936) Teeto, Minta, Walla.  Horrendous vampire bats drive a native tribe from their village into the jungle, where they encounter every jungle animal imaginable.  See grisly footage of a vampire back killing a peacock!  Included in the Forgotten Horrors book.

WOLVES OF THE SEA (1936) Hobart Bosworth, Jean Carmen, Dirk Thane.  A lady is stuck on a jungle island after her ship sinks.  A tramp steamer sails over the spot and recovers valuable gems.  After saving the lady, it’s found the jewels belong to her!  Some shifty crewmen have other plans.  

GAMBLING WITH SOULS (1936) Martha Chapin, Wheeler Oakman, Bryant Washburn, Gay Sheridan, Robert Frazer.  Innocent girls are “sucked” into a gambling and prostitution house in this extremely campy expoitation classic.  There's no question this film will have a profound affect on your life...

SLAVES IN BONDAGE (1937) Lona Andre, Don Reed, Wheeler Oakman.  Long unseen, this exploitation classic can now take its place along side Reefer Madness and Assassin of Youth as one of the great camp films of the ‘30s.  Young, innocent girls are lured into the city and drawn into a life of ill repute. Spankings, catfights, alcohol abuse, etc.  A must.  

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