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Poverty Row Collections RESOLUTE PRODUCTIONS, Vol. 1

Here are four cool Poverty Row movies on two discs, all from B-western Specialists, Resolute Productions: 

GUNFIRE (1934) Rex Bell, Ruth Mix, Buzz Barton, Ted Adams.  Although it has its implausibilities, this is one of the more intricate scripts you’ll find in a cheapie B western, filled with unusual and colorful western customs and characters, including several strong female roles.  And talk about action, there are more fist fights, necktie parties, and shoot-outs than you ever see in quickies like this.  Some huge gun battles.  A crude film, yes, but gritty.  They pack more into an hour than most “A” westerns can get into two hours.  This is a must-have poverty row western epic.  

THE TONTO KID (1934) Rex Bell, Ruth Mix, Buzz Barton, Theodore Lorch.  Along with Gunfire, this is one of Bell’s best westerns.  A shyster lawyer induces a lady circus rider to impersonate the heiress to a ranch.  She takes Rex into confidence when a vein of platinum is discovered on a remote area of the ranch known as “the devil’s pocket.”  She and Rex plot against the lawyer, who is planning to kidnap the real heiress.  A great script and fine performances.  

SADDLE ACES (1935) Rex Bell, Ruth Mix, Buzz Barton, Roger Williams.  A convicted murderer and a safecracker pull off a daring escape while handcuffed together, riding on a train.  They later show up at a ranch and help a young heroine from being swindled by a large cattle company.

FIGHTING PIONEERS (1935) Rex Bell, Ruth Mix, Buzz Barton, Earl Dwire.  Rex is an officer at a Cavalry outpost trying to expose the sale of guns to Indians.  Mix is the Indian princess who leads her braves against the settlers.  If you can make it through the first 10 minutes, it’s not bad at all.    

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