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Poverty Row Collections SUPREME PICTURES, Vol. 2

Here are four Poverty Row movies on two discs, all from B-western specialist Supreme Pictures:  

THE KID RANGER (1936) Bob Steele, William Farnum, Joan Barclay, Earl Dwire.  Another poverty row gem from the Bradbury Supreme unit.  Bob’s girlfriend (Barclay) has been raised by a reformed outlaw, wonderfully played by Farnum.  He lives in fear, though, of her someday finding out that he was responsible for her real father’s death.  Dwire, one of the sleaziest western villains ever, is the man who knows the truth and threatens to spill the beans unless Farnum helps him hold up the stage.  What follows is a reworking of a million B western plots, but it still works.  Was there ever a bad western made by Supreme?  We don’t think so.  A must.  

DESERT PHANTOM (1935) Johnny Mack Brown, Karl Hackett, Sheila Mannors.  An enjoyable Forgotten Horrors western.  Brown comes to a mysterious ranch were a phantom killer has slain six hired hands.  The ranch is inhabited by a helpless cripple and a young girl.  Johnny trails the killer to a secret mineshaft where he almost plunges to his death!  Lots of dark, creepy scenes.  Cool.  

TOMBSTONE TERROR (1935) Bob Steele, Kay McCoy, Gabby Hayes. One helluva B western!  Bob plays twins, one good, one bad.  Good Bob impersonates bad Bob (who has skipped town) and learns his no-account twin is part of a crime ring!  One funny scene has good Bob agreeing to get hitched to bad Bob’s gal.  She can’t tell them apart!  When bad Bob returns, the fur really flies.  An incredibly raw, bloody fist-fight between Bob and a barroom thug is one of the film’s highlights.  Bob never had so many gorgeous dames falling all over him.  Great stuff! 

THE LAW RIDES (1936) Bob Steele, Charlie King, Harley Wood.  Bob’s buddy strikes it rich.  Charlie murders him though, before he can file a claim!  Bob trails Charlie in hopes of finding his dead friend’s secret mine, but gets hog-tied and left in the desert to die!  A fine Supreme western. 

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